People who own a home are often much focused on improving its curb appeal. They need some or other sort of exterior maintenance including garage door remodeling. Proper and regular upkeep of this exterior opening is important not only to improve home looks but to ensure the safety of a family. Another significant factor that can impact both the feel and security of a home is replacing an old overhead door with a modern one.

The garage door is the largest area in your home that doesn’t have any insulation. Garage door insulation can help you save on energy costs by stopping the heat loss. There are kits that you can use to solve your problem immediately. Anyone can insulate their garage doors with ease by using a garage door insulation kit. Finding a retailer near your area will not be a problem at all.

Insulation material can be purchased from store fronts as well as online vendors. Additionally, the home improvement centers sell kits such as polystyrene panels. These type of panels have a minimum thickness of 1/4″ to a maximum of 2″. There are other typical sizes as well. Another material you can use to as garage door padding is the reflective polyurethane foam type. Its polyethylene froth covered by foil. You can also get it from any home depots. They come on a roll and looks like bubble wrap covered with foil. A few benefits of changing a door are:

1. Adds value to a home.

One of the first thing people notice while entering a home is garage opening. Therefore, its beneficial to install a modern and state-of-the-art door that can raise the value of property. A survey shows that replacing a residential garage door can yield up to 80% return on investment.

2. Lower utility bills.

Most of the traditional doors that were installed years ago lacked features such as automatic mechanism and insulation. In case, yours is an old one; the chances are that it will be poorly insulated and will ask for additional cooling and heating costs. Insulated garage door installation can pay for itself over time, by cutting down the energy bills.

3. Safe storage during bad weather.

A garage is often used as a space for storing frequently needed home essentials, such as lawn equipment and other belongings. An old door that doesn’t perform better can risk the safety of your belongings, due to the risk of easy break-ins or damages. Installing steel overhead doors ensure to keep the natural elements and burglars away from a property.

4. Reduce maintenance.

Traditional doors require constant maintenance that can come up as a costly investment. Choosing an automatic door can help in reducing maintenance, repairs, time and cost. Carriage house overhead doors that are made of insulated steel, but offers a timber look are a low-cost alternative.

5. Reduce homeowners insurance.

Replacing an old door can reduce the insurance premium by up to 10%. Since overhead doors wear with time and usage, they can get damaged during bad weathers. This can increase the insurance rates. In contrast, modern doors can stand up better during bad weather, thereby, reducing the need for an insurance claim. Whenever you buy a brand new garage door, do inform your insurance company.