A web designer who is part of a larger company that employs one hundred or more designers is just as bad as a freelancer. These sorts of web designers do not have much design skill and are often given many different jobs to do at once. As a result, they will throw your design together haphazardly. You will be very disappointed with the work they produce.

The best web designers to hire are professionals who do web design as a career and do focused projects. You should hire either a sole proprietor who has a large portfolio of work to show you, or a small firm of web designers who work together and have extensive web design experience. Professionals charge more than anyone else, but because they have so much experience and such a broad variety of designs for you to choose from, they will do a fantastic job in only a fraction of the time.

Let’s say that you have no idea about how to create a website. However, you do have a business which is crying out for an online presence. So what do you do? Of course, you hire a professional web designer! The truth is that all the ‘experts’ who say that you need to look at experience and direct industry clients when choosing a professional web designer are all wrong. The secrets of choosing a web designer are simpler and easier than that. Here’s how you should go about hiring a web designer for Pittsburgh website design work with a few secrets that no one talks about.

The web designer you hire should be someone who understands that you want to create revenue. Unless the designer knows that your website is a business asset which needs to make revenue, do not hire him. It is true that some designers can create stunning websites which are beautiful to look at, but unless it earns revenue, what good is it to anyone? So look for a web designer who understands what revenue generation on the web is all about. Designers who talk about ‘Return On Investment’ or ‘business objectives’ are people who are going to design you sites which are of any actual value.

Web designers who tell you that ‘branding’ and ‘brand recognition’ are important to your small business are the ones you should run, not walk away from. Yes, that’s right. This is a secret few people know about. The truth is that branding is of no consequence to small businesses which operate on a local level. What use is branding to you if you are a tire repair shop that operates in the countryside? Most small businesses don’t need branding at all while big companies with big investments do like Craigslist or Amazon. What you do need is a website that works for lead generation and real traffic that will help you with revenue generation for your small business.

How does the professional WordPress designer you are planning to hire market his services? Does he promise to create ‘user-friendly, ‘beautiful,’ or ‘modern’ websites for clients? Well, this means that he has no idea how to market his business. If he does not understand that no one wants a site that is beautiful, modern or even user-friendly which does not make revenue, then how is he going to create you a site that is going to make you money?