If your website has not been visible to search engines and thus not bringing any business your way, then you will most likely be eager to see results from an Internet marketing campaign almost immediately. It would be wonderful to see results instantly, but this is often not possible and may have nothing at all to do with the online advertising agency doing the work for you. The time it takes for online advertising agencies to produce results is heavily dependent on the type of Internet marketing being implemented as well as the condition of the website they are working on. Of course, the marketing experience of an online advertising agency does have some bearing on how quickly they produce results.

The following guidelines may help you to gauge how long your Internet marketing campaign should reasonably take before you start seeing results. A good online advertising agency (we recommend greenwich seo expert) should have explained to you beforehand how long the particular marketing strategy they are using for your website is likely to take, as well as why they are using the particular campaign they have chosen for you.

As mentioned above, and agent experience aside, the amount of time an Internet marking campaign is likely to take is affected by two things.

a) the programming code and website design elements and b) the type of marketing method online advertising agencies use for particular campaigns.

a) Programming code and website design

For Internet marketing to be effective the actual website needs to be ‘friendly’ to search engines and might be the reason a website is ignored in the first place. An online advertising agency may have to spend time redoing a site before they can launch a marketing campaign. Computer code and website templates may have to be changed, for example, and meta tag descriptions, menus and page content are rewritten. This can take days, depending on how many pages a website has. Once the website is deemed easily accessible to both search engines and the humans who will be visiting it, the website marketing campaign can begin.

b) Marketing method

It is a known fact that search engine marketing (SEM) is quicker to take effect than search engine optimization (SEO) because the former is paid and the latter not. In the case of SEM like Pay per Click, the client is paying for their website to be listed on the pages of search engine indices, whereas SEO uses natural search results. Paid search methods can produce results within a few days, but SEO methods can take anything from a few months to a year. Now, you may ask why your agency is bothering to do SEO when SEM is so much quicker, and the answer is in the budget for the campaign. If the client can pay for SEM then using this method will not be an issue, however, if the client is on a tight budget then SEO will naturally be used, and the client will only pay for work done to perform SEO.

Online advertising agencies should provide their clients with monthly reports on the progress of their Internet marketing campaigns, so if you have already taken the above-mentioned factors into account and have seen no progress regarding business leads from your website, then you should, by all means, exert some pressure on them.