I am sure you have often heard of the saying that most of us spend at least 1/3 of our lifespan on the mattress. Hence, selecting and buying the right mattress for our home is one of the most important decision we have to make.

If you have picked the right mattress, chances are, you will not end up with sleepless nights or sore backs. And couple with the internet technology nowadays, you can find tons of mattress reviews at the click of your mouse. It certainly makes the job of finding the ideal mattress an easier one. You can check out those mattress ratings and use the information for mattress comparison research purposes.

Whether you shop for a mattress the old way or uses the internet, there is still some important points you should keep in mind. Let me share with you my simple method on how do you pick the right mattress, we would also recommend that you read the Top 10 Best Mattress Reviews 2017 to get a great summary on the best picks.


First of all, you need to decide what kind of mattress size you are looking for. This consideration will affect your budget and the accessories that you will need to purchase later on.

Obviously, the size of your mattress will depend on the available of space you have in the house. It should not be a difficult decision. As far as possible, a king size bed is one of the recommended options for couples if they can afford it.

Level of comfort

Second, do remember that are several types of the mattress in the market. It can range from super firm to super soft. So you need to think regarding your comfort you are seeking whenever you are doing research for the mattress you plan to buy. A good thumb of rule is to pick something that you are used to. For example, if you have been sleeping on a firm foam mattress, changing to a latex one may be too uncomfortable for you.

Mattress brand

Shoppers are totally bewildered by the vast number of mattress brands nowadays. Hence, it’s no wonder that many of us are having the trouble to narrow our choices of which brand to go for. Everyone needs a mattress to sleep on, and it’s best to pick those time-tested brand even thought it might cost you a bit more initially. The worse thing is to buy a brand that you can’t recognize and regret it later.


Mattresses are designed in a way to work best with certain foundations. So when you purchase a mattress, ensure to get its companion foundation too. A foundation absorbs weight and stress for the mattress and can extend its life.

The quality of mattress directly affects your sleep. Therefore, make sure you pick a mattress that is comfortable and with high quality. After all, it is an investment which would reap you benefits for years to come.

Before you hand over your credit card or money to formally buy the mattress, get the specifics first about its warranty claim. Knowing what is in store for you if you experience mattress issues give you an assurance that you can ask for help when you require it.